Advertise With Me Gusta!

Me Gusta is working to grow its presence on the world wide web.  At this time, we are offering an exchange for advertisers.  We will advertise for you in exchange for a link to Me Gusta placed on your site.  Our only requirement is that your brand be related to the topics of travel, food, fashion, and/or events.  The ads are not limited to the United States as we also cover news, travel, fashion, and events around the globe.  (This offer is subject to change in the near future, so come on board now!)

If you would like to advertise your business/product here, please email Michele E. Gwynn at  Place "Advertisement Exchange" in the subject line. Failing to do so may mean your email gets lost in the junk mail pile, and we wouldn't want that.

Me Gusta is the brain child of celebrity journalist and author Michele E. Gwynn. It is her love of writing and travel that brought together a small network of individuals with also love writing about food, vacation/tourist attractions, events, and more. Gwynn is a Beau Coup Publishing LLC author. Her series include the Kriminal Erotic Series, Angelic Hosts Series, Harvest Trilogy, and her new series to debut in 2015, The Ghosts of Cardiff. Her books detail both domestic and international travel and weave tales of crime with an erotic edge, action/adventure supernatural tales, mysteries, and a UFO series inspired by a true-life event. Her books can be purchased on both and 

What you will need if approved:

A 250 x 250 pixel square ad with URL that can be linked to the image


A 250 wide x 500 height pixel vertical skyscraper banner with URL that can be linked to image

Serious ads only and family friendly, please.  Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Me Gusta! Admin