Wizard World Con Gets Spiked!

Photo courtesy of Brian Zavala. Follow Brian on Twitter at @brianzavala
 The 2015 Comic Con in San Antonio this past weekend (August 1st-3rd) revealed a world of fantasy at the Wizard World Con where creatures of every kind made an appearance, but for friend and fellow writer, Brian Zavala, it was actor James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel) who stood out.  Spike!  Squeal!

"There was something really nostalgic meeting James Marsters. Memories of high school and ditching homework came to my head as I approached him. I had a million questions to ask him but nothing came out of my mouth. He began to talk about the wardrobe he wore for the photo he was signing for me and we segued into his music career. He was a great guy who deserves to be bigger in Hollywood", said Zavala.

We all want to be part of the 'Scooby' Gang, and being near the handsome Spike gives fans a moment in time to revel in his awesomeness.  Can we please have more of this delicious man?  Please?  

What was your favorite 'Spike' moment during Buffy and/or Angel?  Favorite line?  Keep up with news and info on Marsters on his Twitter page.