Sexy Books for Moms to Celebrate Back to School

Monday kicks off back to school for kids all over. After a long summer of having the kiddos in the house demanding to be entertained, eating like locusts, messing up the living room, and in general, being there every moment from waking to dropping off into the land of nod, moms everywhere can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Let us breathe.  In. Out. Okay.

So now what will these amazing ladies do with their spare time? The kids are out of the house for seven to nine hours. Cleaning might take up one hour, laundry another, but after that, what's a mom to do?

Read a sexy, erotic book. That's right! It's not just back to school for the children, but back to 'alone' time for mom. Why not indulge in some naughty literature?

Recommended reads depend upon how much time mom has, and how quickly she can work her way through a tome. Also, does she want a no-nonsense, get me there read or a build me up slowly book?

Get me there quickly!

Okay, for the mom looking for some passionate pages to lose herself in, but climb out fast enough to put away the wine and chocolates (and maybe the sex toys), two new eBook shorts from Xaviera Snow will fill that pocket.

From The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow are volumes I and II in the series - The Power of Three and Erotic Liaison.  Snow claims to have had some wild and wonderful experiences in her life and she kept a diary. She's spilling the beans one volume at a time. The shorts are definitely worth the read. Muy Caliente!

Volume I is FREE all day on the first day back to school. (August 25th), and volume II is $0.99 for a limited time.

Also a great steamy short, but a little less graphic is √Čveiller Drive: Ava & Will from author Melanie James (Literal Leigh Series). James began the series of shorts which will center around six couples on √Čveiller Drive trying to save their marriages. $0.99 download on Amazon.

Build me up slowly.

For the moms with a little more time on their hands, who want to savor the moment, spread it out over a few days, try any book by bestselling author Sable Hunter.  For now, let's start the moms out with T-R-O-U-B-L-E and My Aliyah from the Texas Heat series books one and two. These two hot, erotic romances will keep you on a sweet edge for at least a whole week. But no worries when the week is up, because Hunter has a huge repertoire of erotic romances to keep you occupied.

Less romance, more Grrrr and bondage? Try To Serve is Divine by R.E. Hargrave. Admit it. You read all three books of E.L. James' Fifty Shades Trilogy and now you're hooked on bondage romances. It's okay. We get it! And this one is excellent. So put on your leather bra, stilettos, and grab your flogger. No wine for this one. No, sir. You'll need a good, STIFF drink. Whiskey. Neat. Two fingers. Now download and read! (We figured you needed a little command to get into the mood).

These books will get you started. Just remember that moms need love, too, and it all starts with self-love! Moms are sexy. Why else would men come up with crazy terms like 'MILF' and 'cougar moms', eh? Not the most romantic terms, but hey, they're men.

Check out these reads, and enjoy the peace and solitude of your home now that the little ones are back to school. They have their reading list, and now you have yours.