Food in Paradise Part Two: Sunset Grille

The epicuriously adventurous Trey and Autumn Hollis hit up the Sunset Grille on the next leg of their vacation to the beautiful Florida Keys. 

Sunset Grille & Raw Bar - http://www.sunsetgrille7milebridge.com

Atmosphere:  It’s just cool here...period.

Photo courtesy of Mike Condio

The Sunset [as we call it] is frickin' AWESOME!  We started going there about 3 years ago and have t-shirts to prove it.  Located at the end of Marathon on the Oceanside just before the 7 Mile Bridge [which provides for an amazing view of the bridge], you HAVE to try this restaurant if you ever make it to the Keys.  The view, the pool, the BARS [yes, plural], and THE FOOD are just the epitome of the Florida Keys.

Trey's order: 7 Mile Lobster Bites
I love lobster…Maine or Florida lobster…they're both succulent.  So when I saw the Lobster Bites on the menu, I figured they have to be good.  A sizable serving with the honey ginger dipping sauce [you can taste the honey and the ginger, and can tell it was made from scratch], I fell in love with these scrumptious little "lobster nuggets."  The breading isn't over-packed onto the lobster chunks, and they just have that sweet Florida lobster taste.

Even in previous visits to The Sunset, EVERYTHING we've tried has been great!  Their burgers are grilled…like, over charcoal grilled.  And they also have all of these specialty drinks that will definitely make you sit awhile before leaving…or make sure you bring a designated driver if you plan on drinking.


Autumn’s order: Peel and Eat Shrimp and Calypso Calamari
There is nothing better than to be in Key’s mode, and sit in front of a plate of chilled shrimp with lemon and cocktail sauce, and nibble on some fried calamari. The shrimp were cooked perfectly, nice and tender, and the cocktail sauce had a nice bite of horseradish that compliments the flavors of sweet Florida shrimp. Not to mention, the shrimp was on special for 50 cents a piece- so in my case, I got it as an appetizer for $3.00. .As for the fried calamari, I must say it took me many years to even try calamari, but when I did, Sunset Grille was the place that made me love it. The calamari was in a light golden batter, fried to perfection - not greasy or chewy as in some cases or some places may be. It is served with a Caribbean sweet curry dipping sauce.

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