Food in Paradise Part IV: The Island Fish Company Tiki Bar and Restaurant

When on vacation, food is a big part of the experience whether it be self-prepared in cookouts or visits to new restaurants.  Food experts (because they both can whip amazing dishes) Trey and Autumn Hollis made a stop during their family vacation in the Florida Keys at the Island Fish Company.  It was rave reviews all around!

Atmosphere: Gulfside beauty with beautiful sunsets

Trey's order: Shrimp Cocktail & Hot Wings + a classic Martini
We've gone to The Island Fish Company quite a few times, and they have yet to disappoint me.  On this go 'round, I decided to go with the classic Shrimp Cocktail.  I was expecting a good number of medium sized chilled shrimp lined around the rim of a martini glass with that spicy cocktail sauce...you know - the classic shrimp cocktail.  But what was placed before me by our totally awesome server [we always get great service here], was that same envisioned martini glass with six HUGE shrimp.  It was so much that I had to share with Autumn.  The wings were good, too...large wings…not like the baby chickens that KFC serves.  I also became a fan of Martinis here at The Island Fish Co.  Great food…great location. and great ambiance!

Food Rating:

Autumn's order: Blackened Dolphin [Mahi Mahi] Sandwich
Beside my love for Conch chowder, fish dip, and conch fritters, another must I always try to get as much as possible is Blackened Mahi. A trick I learned from my dad many years ago, is to order the sandwich and request them to “hold the bun” since the size of the fish generally is close to the dinner portion, at half the cost. The Mahi is beautifully blackened and served with fresh red onion, slice of tomato, crisp lettuce, and key lime tartar sauce with a side of fresh coleslaw. For me, I generally add hot sauce and lemon to the fish, and place it on top of the given veggies of the sandwich, as it becomes a “salad,” so to speak. One thing I can say, the plate is always empty after I am done as the Island does a great job with this dish. I may feel full, but a healthy, good full.  The proof is in the picture…