Food in Paradise Part III: Porky's Bayside BBQ & Seafood

Food-loving couple, Trey and Autumn Hollis found a little time for some barbecue on their annual trip to the Florida Keys.  This time, it was Porky's Bayside BBQ &Seafood.  No, Pee Wee and the gang from Angel Beach were not present.  Ms. Balbricker didn't grab anyone by their...well, parts, and force them to eat a Po-Boy, and Miss Honeywell didn't howl from the rafters, but apparently, the atmosphere was appreciated nonetheless even if the food was less than spectacular.

Atmosphere: … Keys Outdoor Bayside Dive Bar -Island Eclectic

Image from Porky's website.

We've seen this BBQ joint for the past few years we've gone to the Keys and we decided to finally stop and try it. 

Trey's order:  BBQ Ribs and a side of fries and coleslaw

I'm a self-professed BBQ pit master [and friends and family would more-than-likely concur - my smoked ribs and brisket are DAMN GOOD - yes, that is a humble-brag], so I'm very particular when it comes to BBQ.  With a name like Porky's and being the only BBQ joint that we've seen in the Keys, I just knew this BBQ would be absolutely SLAMMIN'!  I was dead wrong.  The ribs were flavorless, and seemed to have that pre-boiled texture and taste to them.  Yeah, they had a little grill flavor, but they weren't Midwest, wood-smoked-style ribs.  Hell, I could've gone to Chili's and gotten better ribs.  Nonetheless, if you just want a cool chill spot overlooking a gulfside marina, with ice cold beer and cool bartenders, then this would be a good place to visit.  Just don't think you're going to get some Texas style BBQ…not gonna happen.

Food Rating: …for cool atmosphere and ice cold beers.

Autumn's order:  Conch Fritter and an Ice Cold Beer
I am a great fan of conch fritters. Every time we travel to the Keys, I will have it at least 3 times from different locations. On this trip, I only had one chance to get my conch fritters, and Porky’s was going to be the new test ground. My one chance to fulfill my conch fritter urge, and it was a major disappointment. The portion size of the fritters was decent - as it came with 6 large fritters. The exterior was a dark golden brown, which means in this case - the oil needed to be changed as the oil temperature may have been too high, leading one to look at a dark golden color and assume it is done. By all means, the fritters were not greasy and had a generous amount of conch; but biting into it, I discovered that it was not cooked all the way through. The center was a very doughy cornmeal - like when you taste cornbread that is not all the way done yet. Very disappointed. But I can say, if Porky’s corrected their oil temp and monitored their finished product, they could have a very good conch fritter. As for the beer in a bottle, it was cold… so that was a good thing!

Food Rating: - Ice Cold Beer is the only reason Porky’s received any type of rating