Attention Whovians: The Doctor is on his way!

Photo courtesy of Patrick James. Follow Patrick's work on his website here.
He's returning soon! The signs are everywhere.  The new season featuring the 12th Doctor is due to land on BBC America August 23 at 8/7 Central.  

First is was Daleks invading England where good friend, Teacher and Poet Patrick James, fought valiantly to avoid being exterminated.  Says James of his harrowing encounter in 'The Centre MK' in Milton Keynes. "(The) Dalek was outside a bookstore - threatening the future of literature, and as a poet I just couldn't allow that to happen!!!"

Indeed! After taming the alien, he forced it to behave in a most human fashion by posing for a "selfie".  It was near begging to be blown to bits by then. (Notice the despondent downward tilt of its eye)

Still, more signs of the return of the TARDIS are also cropping up in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly posted on the BBC America Twitter page featuring the fabulous 12th Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.  (I'm still waiting to see how he'll finagle his way out of France and King Louis' court to return to time-travel as usual.  Those Musketeers will surely miss all of Cardinal Richelieu's shenanigans.)

We Whovians are extremely excited and searching the night skies for glimpses of a flying blue police box.  Let's face it.  We're nerds.  Proud nerds!  Now pass my Sonic Screwdriver over so I can set my DVR to record all the new episodes.