5th Annual FredStock 2014 Set to Rock San Antonio College

What better way to learn the business end of music than to participate in organizing a musical jamboree of epic proportions?  That’s one of the main points of the San Antonio College Department of Music Business’s annual FredStock music festival set to rock May 3rd, 2014 at the Jean Longwith RTF Hall on the corner of N. Main and Courtland beginning at noon and running until 6 p.m.  Another is to raise funds for the program while the final reason is simply for a good time to be had by all.

FredStock is so named in memory of Fred Weiss, a beloved professor who actually started the Music Business Program for SAC and the Alamo Community Colleges.  This author (yes, me) had the privilege of enjoying one of the last handful of Television Production classes (one of many he taught) with Mr. Weiss.  He was the kindest of people, and very much the grandfatherly type.  Mr. Weiss wore colorful suspenders and funny hats, and his students adored him.  His sudden passing in the fall of 2008 from an unexpected onset of illness left behind grieving friends, co-workers, and students unsure how to carry on.  But Mr. Weiss would certainly have wanted just that, and so FredStock was born, a legacy of the man who worked tirelessly to ensure students succeeded in their chosen fields of radio, television, and film.  (Read more about Fred Weiss in The Ranger)  

Music Department Director, Donnie Meals shares “the first day of the first FredStock, we worked really hard on it, and that day, it rained 13 inches!”  He says due to that biblical downpour, it never actually happened, but they had posters and t-shirts to prove that it was legit.

“We’ve had it steadily since.”  Meals loves a big project.  As an ex-DJ here in San Antonio, and owner of Edit Point Studios located at 1003 Donaldson, he has his fingers in all then local musical pies!  And this one did not escape him.

Proceeds, says Meals, “go to fund FredStock for the next year.  It basically goes to the Music Business program, you know, because of budget cutbacks and stuff.  So this is my way of getting around it.”

The best part is that the students learn by helping organize the event.  “There’s a class I teach called Live Music and Talent Management, and that’s the main one that plans this.  They pick the bands, and they contact them to see if they can do it.  After we find out if they can do it, we see which ones we want to use so we can make a show that doesn’t have conflicting styles.”

The Advanced Audio Track class students run the sound for the music festival.  “I get a couple of classes involved in it (FredStock)” says Meals.

This year’s theme is the ‘Blues’ because it appeals to such a wide audience.  After deciding on theme, the students get all the press releases written up, get all the contacts, and work on getting vendors lined up.

This year’s event will be the first one to have beer booths, and Meals says there’s a good possibility there may be a mechanical bull, too!

There will also be several concession booths serving up food and drinks.  It’ll be fun for all.  (Vendors, Click Here for Booth Information and Sponsorship or call Donnie Meals, Music Business Program Coordinator at 210-486-1380).

So mark it on your calendar and get ready to support the SAC Music Business Program (be a FredHead!) and enjoy some original, hometown Blues Music May 3rd from noon to 6 p.m. at the San Antonio College Jean Longwith Hall (RTF Building across/catty-cornered from Main Street Pizza on N. Main, corner of Courtland).

Michele Gwynn in a freelance journalist in San Antonio, Texas, an author, and contributing writer for Examiner.com, Yahoo Voices, and several online magazines and websites