Giant Cinnamon Rolls In South Texas Cafe Will Blow You Away

Lulu's 3 lb cinnamon roll arrives at your table on a plate with a steak knife stuck in it.  Photo credit; M. Gwynn
Who doesn't like a warm, gooey, cinnamony cinnamon roll?  If you happen to be down in San Antonio, Texas, ya'll cinnamon roll lovers can indulge your adoration for sticky buns with a whopping 3 lb cinnamon roll from Lulu's Cafe & Bakery located at 918 N. Main Avenue (just down the street from San Antonio College and across I35 from beautiful downtown S.A.).  Yep, I said 3 lbs!

Featured on Man vs. Food, this monster roll could actually be used as a birthday cake for those who love a good cinnamon roll.

I introduced my two best friends to Lulu's power pastry and the looks on their faces when it arrived at the table (carried by a crane and surrounded by a choir of angels singing "Hallelujah!") was priceless.  I don't think I've ever seen either of them that speechless for so long.  I'm pretty sure one of them caught a few flies in her mouth because it hung open like a trap.

Their looks of astonishment were soon followed by expressions of "ooh", "ahhh", and "yum".  It was almost pornographic.  Good thing I had my sunglasses with me so no one would recognize me again when next I decide to indulge my sweet tooth.

The Lulu's giant cinnamon roll has a tasty center they call the cinnamon roll nugget.  It's the place on the roll where all the butter, icing, and cinnamon collects during the baking process.  It's pure food sinfulness, but people are known to fight for it.  Duels using utensils, street fights, and even old-fashioned arm wrestling often settle the dispute of who gets the "nugget".  Rich men pay a ransom for it, and poor men will lie and cheat to taste it's sugary goodness.

The bun arrives warm and smelling like my idea of heaven.  It's more than enough for six (possibly more) people to share, and you'd probably still be taking some home in a carry out box.  Just don't try and eat too much in one sitting or else you'll overdose on sugar and that's no bueno, buddy!

So next time you're visiting south Texas, drive on over to Lulu's and grab yourself (with both hands and feet) one of their giant cinnamon rolls.  They're open 24 hours so day or night, you're covered.  And if you're just not lucky enough to be in the vicinity, good news, you can mail order them!

M. Gwynn

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