Christmas from the UK and Sweden (pictures)

There's nothing like seeing how others celebrate around the world.  Sure, it's not for everyone, but in a few European countries, Christmas takes on more of a nostalgic feel.  Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the buildings are old.  Some are even originals harkening back to times when architecture was over-the-top, where Kris Kringle still goes by that name instead of Santa Claus, and where cities like Stockholm, Sweden sit so close to the north pole that the middle of the day is as dim as twilight.  Whatever the place or the setting, the spirit of the season still shines.

Cambridge in the United Kingdom celebrates with a parade, decorating their lovely cobblestone sidestreets, and just having a "ball" (lots of Christmas balls, that is) in a local mall.  (Image credits: Liam Staples)

Professional ballet dancer Jacob Bush of the Augsburg Ballet in Germany, recently traveled to Stockholm, Sweden and took the following gorgeous pictures.  The time was around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and yet it was rather dim outside.