Christmas comes to the Alamo

Photo credit: M. Gwynn 2013
The Alamo, located in San Antonio, Texas draws millions of tourists each year.  The battle of the Alamo looms large in history, but the actual building is really quite small; especially in comparison with the modern hotels surrounding it in Alamo Plaza such as The Menger (named one of the most haunted hotels in the U.S.), and the Emily Morgan Hotel behind it.  (The 9th and 14th floors had the most activity during a ghost hunt conducted by my friends and I last year)

Photo credit:  M. Gwynn 2013
Despite the realization of the size of this historic marker, the Alamo remains a beloved destination and a point of pride for Texans.  Each year, a massive Christmas tree is erected and decorations are strung all around Alamo Plaza.  The gazebo where many tourists and natives drop by to take pictures gets dressed up in twinkling lights, and even the horse-drawn carriages get hung with garland and lights.

Christmas in Texas is usually rather warm compared to other cities, but not this year.  The Lone Star State received an arctic blast on December 5th that has north Texas towns hunkered down with businesses and streets closed due to ice and slush on the roads.  It's no secret that Texans can't drive in the winter because--let's face it--we don't often see such harsh weather conditions.  Still, the sun manages to shine even though temperatures have dropped into highs in the 30s and expected lows in the 20s.  Guess we can't wear flip-flops for a few days, but it sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

If you're in town, and want to get away to someplace a bit warmer (and eat some outstanding Tex-Mex food), come visit San Antonio, and stop by to check out the Alamo Plaza Christmas tree.  If the addage about Texas weather flipping on dime holds true, by the time you get here, you'll need shorts. 

M. Gwynn is a freelance journalist, author, editor, and blogger.  She is a contributing writer for Sssh.com, Yahoo Voices, FashionErotica Magazine, AlwayzTherro.com, and Examiner.com as the San Antonio Sex & Relationships advisor.