Supernatural romantic love triangle in Lone Wolf Rising

Looking for something new and exciting to read during the holidays?  Look no further than Lone Wolf Rising, the debut novel from Indie author Jami Brumfield.

A supernatural love triangle set amidst intrigue and deep, dark secrets, this book reveals the dark underbelly of the supernatural world beneath the surface in Phoenix, Arizona.  Main character, Rebecca Elizabeth Winters, explains it in her own words.

"Dear Reader,

I'd like to tell you I'm a normal teenager on her way to graduating high school with average marks but those would be lies. Apparently, I'm a witch. Unfortunately, I was never told I came from a powerful witch line. But that doesn't mean the supernatural world didn't find me or, if I'm being honest, I found it. It wasn't that difficult, I mean, my best friend is a psychic so stumbling upon werewolves and vampires was going to happen sooner or later. But did you know there's a lot more out there than those two species?

It was a grueling process, but after an exhausting test period, the local Arizona pack alpha, Tomas Black, agreed to give me the bite. Now to be honest, I put a lot of thought into becoming a werewolf. The bite alone could kill you, but if you survive it, well let's say there are a lot of advantages; advantages I planned to use to help me find my parents' killer.

There's just one problem. Two days before my first transformation my entire pack was massacred. And according to the Authority rules, that made me the new alpha - an alpha of a non-existent pack; a lone alpha in the middle of a deadly war between werewolves and vampires. You're probably thinking "poor Becca", but the plot twists to my life's story don't end there. There are others to take into consideration.

There is the irresistible protector assigned to help me get acclimated into this new world, Lucky La Mont. The irritatingly cocky rogue wolf, Gabriel Black, who has decided he is my mate! My mate? I'm only seventeen! Who makes that kind of commitment at seventeen? My twin sister, Savvy, and younger brother, Hunter, are tied up in their own drama and inevitably pull me into there messes which include drugs and homecoming. And don't get me started on Sundae and Natalia. But the biggest problem is my new alter ego, the alpha wolf, who thinks she is better than me and is incessantly ordering me around. It’s like a war zone in my head. If anyone knew how much I talked to myself or my wolf, they would probably commit me to a mental hospital. The unbelievable part is this is normal for werewolves.

The biggest obstacle I will need to face doesn't happen until the night of homecoming. This is the first of three tales. The series chronicles the challenges Savvy, Hunter and I face as we learn to grow up in the magical world that exists side by side with the humans.


Rebecca Elizabeth Winters
Arizona Pack Alpha in training 

The author says she is already working book two, The Vampire Princess, which should roll out in the spring of 2014.  Jami Brumfield is a licensed hypnotherapist turned writer.  She lives in Arizona with her husband and their two dogs.  Visit Lone Wolf Rising on Facebook and keep up with release dates for paperback and book signing.

Lone Wolf Rising is now available for Kindle download on Amazon.com with the paperback release coming soon.  Order you copy today!