Fall-ing in love with Lost Maples State Park

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Out in west Texas in the beautiful Hill Country is the scenic route 337 that takes travelers to the city of Vanderpool, and home of Lost Maples State Park.

From October through November, the leaves start to change color creating glorious scenery for those who love the great outdoors.  For hikers, campers, and recreational fisherman, autumn at Lost Maples is the perfect backdrop for sporting activities.  Many enjoy bringing the family in for a day of walking the trails; this includes Fido and his pal, Sparky.

Dogs are allowed inside this Texas State Park as long as they are on a leash.

Some drop in to picnic in the designated recreational area.  Open green-ways are just made for tossing a baseball or frisbee.  Tables provide the best spot to soak up the sun while feasting on BBQ or good picnic food such as sandwiches, fruit, and of course, lots of water.  Staying hydrated while outdoors is a must.

On Saturday, November 9th, my two besties and I drove the 86 miles from San Antonio to check out the fall foliage.  The weather was partly cloudy and cool at 71 degrees Fahrenheit.  Perfect. 

Limestone cliffs on Route 337 into Vanderpool, Texas
The leaves were turning showing off splashes of red, gold, brown, and green.  The clear water of the Sabinal River, although running low due to lack of sufficient rainfall, still trickled along peacefully while minnows jumped joyfully seemingly for our benefit.

The East Trail goes over a waterway and then leads down to a pool and beyond for approximately 4.6 miles.  Four other trails are available for serious hikers, and overnight camping is also an option.  Some of these trails are steep.  None of the trails are disabled-friendly.  The terrain is rocky, uneven, and pretty much what you'd expect from being outdoors.  One should always hike with a friend for safety. 

Big Tooth Maples abound in this area.  Limestone canyons rise up along walkways, and cast shade along backpack trails.  The park is also filled with many species of birds that are favorites for bird watchers.  All of these reasons and more make Lost Maples a photographers paradise.

The park is open daily all year long and closes from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. for everyone except those with permits to camp overnight.

During peak season, it costs $6 per adult to enter the park for a day visit.  It's well worth a visit to Bandera County to see this beautiful stretch of Texas treasure.

Sun shining through partly cloudy skies to illuminate gorgeous fall colors.

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