Short story epic adventure in The Lilly Flower

Looking for a good read that will transport you to a different place?  Look no further than Julia Weaver's latest; The Lilly Flower.


When she was a small child, Lilly and her mother had lived with her Uncle John, an archaeologist, in an old caravanserai near Konya in Turkey. Her father, John's brother, was excavating at another archaeological site in Syria.

Lilly loved her Uncle John so when she received a call from his partner, Aladdin, that her beloved uncle had suffered a heart attack, she made plans to travel to him immediately.

When she exited the Ankara Airport, Aladdin was not there to meet her. Lilly waited an hour and then hired a taxi to take her to her uncle's apartment.

She was met by two policemen enquiring about Nick Talmage, a friend of her uncle. She let the police enter the apartment and search its rooms. When they finally left, she bolted the door.

Tired, confused, and worried, Lilly got ready for bed.  In the quiet of the apartment, she heard noises in the hallway and, looking around the bedroom's doorway, she saw Nick Talmage collapse to the floor. A bookcase behind him swung back into its place in the wall...

The mystery has just begun, and the answers await between the pages of The Lilly Flower.  

Available on Xlibris.com; KOBO; and Amazon.com.   $14.36 for the paperback on Amazon, and $3.99 for Kindle eBook.