Däv Rainboots Make Puddle Jumping Fashionable

Bring on the rain!  Däv Rainboots make dashing through puddles on a Monday morning a joyous event.  They also accessorize both business and casual fashion in a fun and funky way!

Founders David and Kerri Sengstaken have taken their company from unknown to world fame since they launched in 2008.  Now, Däv is considered the trendiest weatherproof footwear company around the globe.  The extensive variety of colors and patterns make their boots both practical and fashionable to be enjoyed rain or shine.

däv Rainboots

You can find these fabulous boots on MyHabit.com.  It's easy to sign up with an Amazon.com account.  The Däv Rainboots event is currently going on, but will end September 25th at 9 a.m. PT.

Prices range from $29 to $65 per pair.  That's a bargain any day of the week!  

Want more to choose from?  Visit Däv's website at davrain.com.