Lakeside living in McQueeney, Tx

In a sleepy little Texas town north of San Antonio, you'll find lakeside living without all the bothersome noise and intrusion by tourists and summer vacationers.  Treasure Island located in McQueeney, Texas is a community of lakefront homes that began in the 1950s.  The lots were sold to retirees and those wanting a second home, presumably for summer vacations and holiday getaways.  With a population of around 600, residents enjoy mature oak, cedar, and mesquite trees hanging over country-lane-style streets.  There are no curbs separating yards from pavement, but there are many bridges to walk over canals that run up behind homes for back door parking of speedboats, pontoons, and jet skis.  The lake itself, Lake McQueeney, is actually part of the Guadalupe River.

Flooding has twice caused the community to have to rebuild, but each time, it came back stronger than ever.  The homes throughout are unique and not cookie-cutter.  Many are built up on stilts to protect them from possible flooding of the river which may remind those who've visited coastal towns in Florida of places like Cedar Key.

There's not a whole lot going on in McQueeney, itself, but both New Braunfels and Seguin are only minutes away for shopping and nightlife activities.

If you'd like to own a home on this coveted bit of real estate, it will cost a pretty penny as the smallest single story homes begin pricing around $200K and go up into the millions for the more elaborate abodes.

Down the road a ways outside of the community of Treasure Island are some vacation rentals further along the river for those who just want to spend a week or two splashing around and soaking up the sun.  Those are easier on the pocket, especially when shared between guests.

As for Treasure Island, it remains just that in the middle of McQueeney, Texas.