Taking advantage of the Mayan apocalypse!

It seems like people might be too smart to believe in end-times predictions, but you'd be surprised (or disappointed) as Miami Top News Examiner, Belky Perez-Schwartz, found in her latest article. Are you planning for the end of the world?  Will you spend a fortune this week on one of the many offered "Mayan Apocalypse" hotel packages?

Doomsday, Dec. 21: Hotels ‘End of World’ deals offer zombie training

"Suppose the world really does end on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, the alleged ‘Doomsday’, what will you be doing? Who knows? But some hotels are taking advantage of the fear created by the Mayan calendar rumors and how they predict the world will end.

Luxury hotels in California, as per reports from the Latino Post, have been selling out on Doomsday, or Mayan apocalypse packages.

San Diego hot spot, The Keating Hotel, has sold Doomsday packages for $666. What do these ‘end of the world’ packages include?

Well, as you are waiting out the day, trying to figure out exactly when the Mayan calendar ends and if the world will with it, you can enjoy a last meal and even take part in a fitness course which lets you prepare to run away from zombies. Who knew"...Read More Here.

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The clock is ticking.  Will you spend all your money on a Mayan Apocalypse hotel and spa special?